Fall 2022
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This project is designed for unrelated adult roommates who may not have been friends before choosing to live together. This, plus living in a typical apartment building where you may not know your neighbors 3 doors down from you, leads to an isolating “home.” Thus, this project focuses on the importance of community and fostering a sense of it throughout the neighborhood, thus the title of the project, “Co”. It accomplishes this through the aggregation formation of the units as well through the program chosen for the ground floor space, whether it is indoor or outdoor.

As the ground floor is meant for the public, the program is carefully chosen to promote the gathering of the community. The various programs include a Vendors Hall with commercial kitchens, quick eats, a bodega, and a community garden connected to an almost "backyard" area for all these programs to share. With food being a vital aspect of our lives, the program specifically being food-oriented draws in the community to gather. 

The Vendors Hall offers an opportunity for the community's entrepreneurs to have a space to start their dreams and for the community to come together to support them. 

The community garden creates a place for the community to work towards a common goal and indulge in the fruits of their labor together.

The design of the building also promotes creating connections and community amongst residents

The arrangement of the building around a central courtyard creates a visual connection between residents even on opposite sides of the building. 

The courtyard itself offers a space for residents' events.

Occasional "pop-outs" along the hallway overlook the courtyard, with seating built in so that residents can use those spaces to catch up with their neighbors, take a breath of fresh air, etc.

Communal spaces on each floor near the elevator also serves to bring the community together.